The Right Location

Choosing the location for your new piano is quite a hard task considering that a piano is such a large instrument, and consequently can take up a lot of space. Varying temperatures can have an effect on the tuning of your piano. Some things to consider are-

Heater and air conditioner locations.
Location of windows and sunlight.
If possible it is best to avoid putting your piano against an outside wall, unless it is double-brick.

If you are intending to put the piano onto a timber floor, it is best to get some castor cups to place under the piano. Castor cups can be purchased from most piano and music stores, if you purchase cups, we will place them under your piano at the time of delivery.

Tuning and regulating

After moving your piano into a new location you may find that the piano is still in excellent tune, even after being stored for great lengths of time. The reason for this is that the piano being physically moved should not affect the tuning, it is the changing of climate, moving a piano to a location that is different in temperature or somewhere with a lot more moisture is what will affect the tuning. This process generally takes time so it is usually best to wait at least 2-6 weeks before having it tuned, that way the piano has time to settle into its new environment. You can find many piano tuners by contacting your dealer or alternatively you will be able to find a reputable tuner close to your area by visiting the Australasian Piano Tuners and Technicians Association's Website.